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Best of skincare/body: 

Best body moisturiser:

I love any body moisturiser from The Body Shop, particularly the Coconut shimmer one, because it smells divine and gives your skin a subtle glow, also very VERY moisturising, and I have very dry skin on my body (complete opposite to my face!) so it suits me well.

Best gradual tanner:

Has to be Dove Summer body moisturiser, over a few days it builds up a nice golden tan without any streaks or mistakes, definitely an easier way to look like you have been on holiday.

Best anti-cellulite products:

Jergens Naturals do a body firming moisturiser with pomegranate extract and it really does make a difference. Obviously nothing will make a difference quite like a good diet, drinking lots of water and regular exercise (I never exercise, super super lazy, however I do eat well and drink enough) however this does improve the condition of your skin noticeably. It makes it super soft for a long while after application, it’s non-greasy and smells fruity. It is also quite cheap (big pump bottle dispenser is under ten pounds). I also use and very highly recommend Nivea’s Goodbye Cellulite Gel-creme. Sinks in very fast and it definitely makes a difference. I used it solidly for three week and I did notice an improvement. I don’t have very visible cellulite however so perhaps I am not the best candidate to test it but it improved my skin quality overall. I also use Nivea’s Anti cellulite ten day serum as it is more concentrated and so using the two in conjunction with each other is doubly effective. I have noticed that Nivea’s anti cellulite products get rave reviews on the internet as they are the cheapest (about eleven pounds each) and do the same as the more expensive creams. 

Best face wash: 

I am prone to spots so I use a face wash with salicyclic acid and sometimes kaolin clay in, to absorb excess oil. The best one that I continually go back to upon having cheated on it with another product for a month or so has to be Garniers’ Pure 3 in 1 wash. It can be used without water as a mask, or used as a scrub or wash, so it’s versatile and it definitely helps with my problem skin, and no other seems to be as good. 

For normal skin I would recommend anything from the Simple range; it doesn’t contain any perfume or irritants and gets skin feeling squeaky clean without feeling overly tight. 

Best toner:

Simples’ pore minimising toneris fantastic, it has a weird gel-like consistency and it really does make my pores look smaller and leaves my skin feeling fresh for hours afterwards.

Best facial moisturiser:

I don’t really need to moisturise however I do use a product from Lush called Colour Supplements, it is basically a tinted moisturiser and it works almost like a BB cream, providing some coverage and is a good base for make up. The shade I use is called Jackie Oates for very pale skinned people. 

Best pore minimising product:

Any of Cliniques’ Pore minimising range is brilliant. Leaves skin feeling baby soft and although pricey it really does work and after a while of using any of the products, your pores look far far less noticeable. I am very impressed!

Best anti-spot product:

Oxy spot cream, without a doubt. Benzoyl peroxide based creams are the only thing to shift stubborn spots or acne and I put a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream on my face every night and it really does control my outbreaks. It can make your skin peel but then you just have to compensate by applying more moisturiser day and night, or cut down how often you use it. But oxy spot cream contains this chemical and works just fine. In the UK you can have stronger strength creams prescribed or perhaps bought over the counter at a pharmacy. These would contain 5% or 10% benzoyl peroxide however I tried the 10% and my skin felt like it was on fire! 

Best eye cream:

I am sure I have already mentioned this somewhere in another post but Benefits’ “It’s Potent” eye cream is unbelievable. It is very expensive and so I asked for it for Christmas (it’s £23.50). This does everything it says it’s going to do. I don’t really have dark circles anymore thanks to this and my entire eye area is so soft and smooth, it makes my make up go on better, and you need the TINIEST amount for each eye. I also find a lot of eye moisturisers make me break out near my eyes (horrid) due to them being greasy but this one doesn’t do that one bit. I have never used eye cream until I heard other reviews about it saying it was good, and now I know what they were raving about! If you can, buy it, it’s the best eye cream out there.

Best eyelash serum:

L’oreals Lash serum is very good. When I was in my younger teens, my eyelashes were, in a word, shit. They were pretty short, sparse and no matter WHAT mascara I used, they would sit there, flat, not doing anything for me. But as I got older they DID get longer all of a sudden but still weren’t how I wanted them. So I bought this lash serum and my eyelashes are amazing now. They are thicker, break less, much much longer, and I can use most mascaras and they look pretty alright. 

Best cuticle conditioning product:

Lemony Flutter by Lush is very intensely moisturising and smells like lemon sorbet and every time I use it I have to resist eating it! I use it like a “nail mask”, so I leave it on for ten minutes on my entire nail and then wash it off and afterwards my cuticles look less dry and just overall look neater.

Best body scrub:


It is a choice between either The Body Shops’ body scrubs, particularly the Mango one, or Soap and Glorys’ Flake Away. Both smell lush and they are incredibly moisturising to the point where you do not in any way need to put on even a light body lotion afterwards. It does it all for you, pretty much like a two in one, and neither are that expensive.

Best shower gel:

Any of the Dove Go Fresh range shower gels smell delicious and make your skin super soft afterwards, plus the smell lingers on the skin for a while. For a more luxurious choice I would go for any of the Philosophy range, particularly the Melon Daquiri or Cinnamon Buns shower gels. They smell edible and also linger on the skin but are triple the price of the Dove but they do last a long time, and some can be used as bubble bath and shampoo so it’s a good multi-use product.

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